How do I suppress my information?

Students may request to suppress their information from the ISU Online Directory or from Public Information releases through the Address Change link on the Student tab in AccessPlus.

Students may choose to suppress their in-session telephone number and/or Iowa State e-mail address, or they may choose to suppress all of their information, which means they will no longer appear in the ISU Online Directory or have their information released to outside organizations or persons.

The student information that you choose to suppress will not appear in the online search and will not be made available to outside organizations or persons. Once the request to suppress student information is submitted, the online directory will update overnight, Monday-Friday only.

If you have any questions about student information, contact the Office of the Registrar at .

To suppress staff information, contact Office of Human Resource Services at .

How do I make changes in my directory information?

ISU students and employees can change their directory information through AccessPlus. If you are both a student and an employee, you must make the changes under both the Student and Employee areas.

How do I make changes to the departments and office listings?

The departments and offices listings can be updated throughout the year by emailing the corrections to .

How do I get or change my email address?

The email address published in the directory is your official Iowa State email address. For most people this is your ISU Net-ID. Exceptions to this are nationally supported entities, such as the Ames Lab and National Soil Tilth Lab. For these groups, the and addresses are listed.

ISU students and non-hourly employees can register for an ISU NetID and email service with ASW. If you need more information, please contact the Solution Center.

What if I have more than one office or affiliation?

If you are affiliated with more than one unit/department or have more than one office address, you can request an additional entry in the directory by sending an email to Human Resources at . Include your 5-digit departmental code, office information, address, and telephone number for the additional entry.

How do I link to an individual's entry based on ISU NetID?

Searching by email address is always an exact match and will only return results for that email. The shortest URL to accomplish that is:

How do I use a telephone feature?

For dialing instructions, voice mail, international calls, and the data network visit the Voice/Telephone section of the IT Services website.